Starring Zille


My spanking shoot on I Feel Here’s what I wrote about the happy memories of creating it.

Northern Spanking Institute Zille Defeu school uniform regulation gym knickers
Just one of my shoots with Northern Spanking Institute.

You can download the full thing at the Bleu Productions website.
Or you can get it in pay-per-view clips

Zille bound, beaten, and fucked Zille bound, beaten, and fucked Zille bound, beaten, and fucked

It’s a pretty intense movie. I’m a fairy (thus the long frolicking montage at the beginning) who is captured and tortured by Midori (who is playing a scary evil thing.) I’m beaten with a number of canes and birches and lots of other stuff, spanked, hot wax and fire-play, bound in several different ways, including suspension (why don’t they show that in the clip?!) and porcupine quills are stuck in my pussy — before I am fucked with several things including a huge glass dildo!
Again, the whole thing can be purchased at Bleu Productions, or click on the thumbnails above to watch it pay-per-view.

The Curse of MacBeth - Zille Defeu
The Curse of MacBeth I’m a very naughty witch!

  • Over a period of five years, most of the porn I made was for the site I created and poured my life and love into. I have moved on to other projects, but on this site you can see me being spanked and giving spankings, having sex with some very hot girls, and generally getting up to lots of other fetish naughtiness. If you join up at DarkPlay, you’ll also get free access to some other sites I’ve appeared on doing anal sex, golden showers, and etc. There are also plenty of videos! If you want to see me, this should be your first step!
  • Zille Defeu I’ve worked with Amelia and Forrest many times in my modeling career, for both print and web. Here’s some of the results…

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